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eat Performance - your manufactory for healthy • natural • original • honest products in organic quality, without grain and added sugar. Handmade with a lot of passion in Berlin.

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What's Paleo?

Paleo and the Paleo lifestyle are often referred to as the “Stone Age diet” since it is build around those foods that have been only available to humans over the course of their evolution. For many, Paleo is not only a diet but also an attitude to life. It provides your body with energy, wellbeing and enhances your quality of life. Paleo foods are fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Those ingredients ensure an ideal supply of protein, healthful carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins and minerals. The Paleo diet avoids grain, gluten, added and refined sugar, dairy goods, lactose and any other additives and preservatives. If that makes you think you’ll miss out, we will prove you wrong: the Paleo diet is not only incredibly simple but also extremely tasty and very diverse.


What's inside?

Our ingredients

The range of Paleo foods are diverse and almost infinite. We manufacture all our products ourselves, with passion and love, handmade in Berlin. Therefore, we only use natural, organic and unprocessed foods. Thanks to this, we can guarantee the naturalness and quality of our products, which are free from added and refinded sugar, preservatives and any other artificial additives. The processing of solely high quality, real, unprocessed foods will help you to eat and feel better.

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