A natural way to treat sunburns?

Published : 07/25/2018

A natural way to treat sunburns?

While we were talking about how you can effectively build up your internal sunscreen (see article “Astaxanthin”), today it is about the external use of how to naturally treat a sunburn. As more and more sun creams are exposed to contain damaging micro substances (nano particles), it has never been more important stay informed and consider alternatives. With today’s overload of news and contradicting scientific study results, one should stay on the safe side and retreat to the naturally pure sources of nature.

Once the self-protective barrier of our skin has been broken through intense sun exposure, the colour pigments in our skin are no longer able to protect our skin. As a consequence, the damaging sun rays penetrate our skin layers and cause serious damage and inflammations in our cell tissue. If a sunburn is not treated readily, the skin reacts with blisters and will eventually peel off. What is often underestimated is the fact that sunburns increase your risk of developing dangerous melanomas, a form of skin cancer that can be lethal.

Aloe Vera, the desert lily, is an ideal “first aid” for any sun burn. The gel of the leaves is a natural anti-inflammatory and enriches your skin with moisture, allowing burns to heal off more quickly and your skin to regenerate.

The source of the plant’s vast range of healing properties are the 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharides and fatty acids. This finely balanced composition of live-giving substances as well as its well-designed water storage capacities, enable the Aloe Vera plant to survive under extreme drought conditions. What empowers the plant, has a similar effect on the human organism – in the end we don’t have to look so far, but appreciate what nature has provided us with!

Aloe was already cherished for its medicinal properties 2000 years ago by the ancient Egyptians and was supposedly responsible for the remarkable beauty of Cleopatra.

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