Published : 09/04/2018


Autumn is on our doorstep and so it is time to adjust our culinary cravings to more heart-warming flavours. Apple pies have made up a traditional part of a more wintery diet not just since the movie “American Pie” made them all famous. We’ve decided to come up with a new snack bar “Apple Pie” that unites all the healthful and heart-warming ingredients of fruity apples, dates, nuts and cinnamon. Thus, it combines oriental flavours with a “homemade apple crumble” – merging the middle-east with our local apple tree.

By now it is widely known that secondary plant metabolites offer major preventive effects to maintain good health. Apples carry those potent antioxidant metabolites in plenitude that are known to inhibit dangerous oxidative stress in our body and thus work as anti-inflammatory agents. Apples, in particular, are rich in quercetin, catechins, kaempferol, hesperetin, myricetin and phloridzin – all of which determine its antioxidant potential. Unsurprisingly, epidemiological studies repeatedly show a link between the consumption of apples and a reduced risk for cancer, diabetes, coronary-heart-disease and asthma.

Dates on the other hand not only add an oriental touch, but furthermore contain a wealth of minerals, vitamins and health boosting secondary plant metabolites. Being particularly rich in fibre, dates support a healthy microflora, stimulate digestion and help cleaning the body off toxic substances. Furthermore, containing valuable amounts of iron, a component of haemoglobin, dates support our oxygen balance. Potassium further helps to maintain a stable blood pressure, followed by important B-vitamins as well as vitamin A, which supports a healthy eyesight and builds our mucous membranes. Dates also provide valuable amounts of calcium and magnesium, both carrying important preventive and healing functions in our body.

It is therefore an ideal combination to keep you fit, lean and energized.

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