Apples – indigenous Superfoods

Published : 02/01/2018

Apples – indigenous Superfoods

In today’s “superfood culture”, the more exotic the better. And of course, next to chia, goji and co. a local apple can hardly compete. But we shouldn’t cling to the notion too tight that whatever comes from a far-away-land is better for us in terms of healing and healthy properties. So instead of reaching too far, lets readjust our focus and zoom in on what is growing right in front of us!

Numerous studies show that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can substantially reduce the risk for chronic diseases. This preventive effect is based on their high share of plant secondary metabolites (phytochemicals), such as polyphenols. Apples carry those potent antioxidant metabolites in plenitude that are known to inhibit dangerous oxidative stress in our body and thus work as anti-inflammatory agents. Apples, in particular, are rich in quercetin, catechins, kaempferol, hesperetin, myricetin and phloridzin – all of which determine its antioxidant potential. Unsurprisingly, epidemiological studies repeatedly show a link between the consumption of apples and a reduced risk for cancer, diabetes, coronary-heart-disease and asthma.

Moreover, apples help protect the liver as well as regenerate the intestinal flora, the latter due to their high amount of fibre. Since our microflora harbours most of our immune system, keeping your guts bacteria happy and healthy will be the best treatment to prevent later diseases. Apples have even been linked to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s’ disease by inhibiting the formation of beta-amyloids in our brain, as described by the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Those are plaques or depositions that have been shown to be linked to dementia.

In general, older apple varieties are considered to be healthier since more “untreated”. Because the skin contains most of the polyphenols, apples should not be peeled (of course only if they are organic). In order to avoid the loss of fibre, they should also, ideally, be eaten raw and not squeezed into juices etc.

Our EAT apple chips are a healthy and delicious snack for in-between that did not first have to be imported from far-away.

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