Beef Jerky – best paleo protein source

Published : 10/13/2018

Beef Jerky – best paleo protein source

Cut in thin slices, dried in the midday sun, smoked over the fire and mixed with native herbs and spices – it’s a recipe born in nature, used by many indigenous people around the world. For centuries, it has served as a valuable protein source and easy-to-carry snack for hunting trips and long foot expeditions. Also, beef jerky, or dried meat, is non-perishable, making it an ideal food source during the long and harsh winter months.

Ever since people lived out in the open and had access to meat, people in all corners of the world introduced the practice of drying the meat in order to turn it into a more energy-rich, non-perishable food. In South Africa, it is known as “biltong” and a famous and highly sought-after snack. But also here is western Europe beef jerky is slowly making its way into our supermarkets. And its nutritious benefits are quickly gaining recognition particularly amongst sport-lovers, because dried meat is the perfect go-to protein snack, low in fat, carbohydrates and calories.

During processing the meat loses about 40-50% of its water content, resulting in a heightened protein level that usually ranges above 50%. Beef jerky is furthermore rich in numerous minerals and provides the body with the all-so-important magnesium and iron. Its wealth of amino acids makes it particularly interesting for all those seeking to improve their athletic performance, as amino acids play a vital role in muscle performance.

Beef jerky, eaten for centuries in just the same way, is a highly nutritious, and tasty snack that is “all-natural”. Here at eat we offer you beef jerky at its tastiest: all natural or seasoned with nuts..

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