Blue, -blue, -blues berries

Published : 06/15/2018

Blue, -blue, -blues berries

Continuing on from last week’s berry’s hunt (strawberry) we are now going for the blue instead of the red. In the end, it is a fundamental characteristic of the “paleo lifestyle” to source one’s food mostly regional and seasonal, just the way our forefathers did. Native to the temperate climatic zones of the northern hemisphere, where they grow preferably in coniferous forests, the little deep blue berries have become an essential element in our “superfood society”. The reason for their fame grounds on their wealth of secondary metabolites, especially polyphenols, hiding inside their tiny bodies. Anthocyanins are the respective subgroup of polyphenols that are responsible for their purple/blue color – often referred to as “anti-aging-boosters”. Their health effects are especially recognized for diarrhea and inflammations in mouth and throat. Current studies research the berries potential promising health effects concerning diabetes as well as nerve diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer’s.

Polyphenols trap free radicals and thus work to inhibit cell damage and final oxidative stress (an overload of free radicals) – the basis of most inflammatory diseases, aging processes and cancer. The prime status of blue berries compared to other fruits is based on the fact that they hold one of the highest antioxidant potentials. Blue berries contain 33 times as much antioxidants as honeydew melon and double the amount as raspberries and strawberries. Higher values are only known for goji berries and chokeberries (aronia).

In addition to anthocyanins, blue berries contain valuable beta-carotene, the preliminary stage of vitamin A – an essential vitamin for good eye-sight. Also primary metabolites such as iron, potassium, vitamin C, folic acid and zinc are present in blueberries. With only 43 calories per 100 grams they are on top of it very poor in calories. Therefore, start your picking and gathering season! And in case there is no time to go out into nature, we’ve designed your perfect go-to alternative: our eat “blueberry-chocolate chip” cookie – sweet and fruity – perfect for a summer’s picnic or in-between snack.

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