Coconut Oil

Published : 10/16/2018

Coconut Oil

Who has not heard about the white, sometimes hard and sometimes liquid fat? Together with other coconut products, coconut oil has been a staple food for many nations for thousands of years. The coconut oil is characterized as exceptionally healthy, but what´s up with that marvel oil? To win the oil, the pulp of the coconut gets shredded and dried. After pressing this product in oil mills, it´s going to be refined, deodorized and bleached. It means, that flavours, colorants and odorants are getting removed.

The melting temperature of coconut oil is 25 degrees. Since it has a firm texture at room temperature, it´s often called coconut fat. Coconut oil has many saturated fatty acids, which in contrast to unsaturated fatty acids are having a bad reputation.

However, coconut oil has lots of medium-chain triglycerides, which are easy to digest and have one calorie per gram less than other fatty acids. Whereas unsaturated fatty acids tend to oxidise and are able to form trans fats, coconut oil can be heated very high – without the risk of producing harmful substances. Coconut oil regulates the bloodfat level, has an antimicrobial effect and has traces of minerals and amino acids.

And the best of all: The healthy coconut oil tastes delicious and is therefore indispensable for our eat-kitchen!

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