Energy Drinks uncovered

Published : 06/22/2018

Energy Drinks uncovered

Their names range from Red Bull, to Rhino’s or Monster Energy: Energy drinks promise to make you fly. But the result of “Stiftung Warentest” reveals: they are unnecessary and at worst, in case of a high consumption, evoke negative health effects.

About 70% of adolescents consume energy drinks and one in four consumes more than is good for him. But popularity of the caffeine containing soft drinks is also rising amongst students and adults on the background of increasing one’s performance and concentration level as well as getting rid of tiredness.

According to “Stiftung Warentest”, which analyzed the content of 25 energy drinks, the different brands do not differ in their composition. Most of them contain exotic-sounding ingredients such as taurine, inositol and glucuronolacton, which at the same time work to attract customers. According to the study however, there exists no scientific basis for an increase in efficiency. Quite to the contrary, they essentially consist of the traditional make-up: caffeine and sugar that is known to have a stimulant effect. Both, sugar and caffeine, are highly present in energy drinks, which can eventually lead to negative health effects. Their high sugar content makes them a calorie-rich drink, very much comparable with conventional lemonades and coke. Two tins of an energy drink (500 ml) may contain up to 70 g of sugar – this corresponds with 24 sugar cubes.

One tin (250 ml) has about 80 mg caffeine – as much as one cup of coffee. But because energy drinks are often consumed one after another, this may lead to unwanted side effects such as heightened nervousness, sleeplessness or high blood pressure.

Another risk factor concerns the mixing of energy drinks with alcohol. This might have dramatic consequences such as arrhythmia, cramps or kidney failure. So instead of relying on fake energy drinks, one should obtain one’s energy from more natural, healthy and sustainable sources. Eat offers an exciting, diverse, and healthy product line that always has something new to discover.

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