Fig + Banana = perfect energy

Published : 10/02/2018

Fig + Banana = perfect energy

Slowly but steadily we are moving towards colder temperatures and thus we are probably experiencing a growing appetite for more heart-warming fruits and vegetables. Particularly figs seem to perfectly encapsulate that Mediterranean sunshine and transfer it to our mood and health – thus there are widely known to boost our mood and tackle fatigue. In combination with bananas, one of the best fruit sources for energy, our eat bar fig-banana will help you appreciate even those colder days of the year.

Figs belong to the alkaline foods and therefore help any digestive system in case of high acidity in your body. Because of their high fibre content, figs may nourish and tone the intestine, boost digestion as well as act as a natural detox due to their tiny indigestible pips that absorb toxins in your gut, thereby help clean and strengthen your microflora. Also, high fibre foods provide feelings of fullness and can reduce hunger cravings, which may be useful when aiming to lose weight. When fresh, they consist of about 80% water, 4.5% fibre, 12% carbohydrates, 1.2% protein and 0.5% fat. The rest makes up micronutrients such as calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. They furthermore provide valuable amounts of vitamin B1 that helps our body gain energy out of food.

Bananas, in contrast to other fruits, consist of less water, almost no fat, but are rich in carbohydrates. Their calorie content ranges around 95 kcal, for 100 grams, which corresponds to about half a banana. Especially for sport enthusiast’s bananas are an ideal go-to energy-booster. Besides carbohydrates bananas contain a wealth of other good-for-you vitamins, minerals, fibre and amino acids, tryptophan in particular.

Our fig-banana eat bar combines the qualities of both fruits. It thus provides you with the perfect energy-boost for a little treat or snack in between your hectic lives.

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