Flower Power: Hibiscus tea

Published : 06/29/2018

Flower Power: Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus, already the name melts away in your mouth and awakens your longing for tropical sunshine and exotic colorful islands. The hibiscus plant thrives in tropical and subtropical climates. The flower is manifested in Hawaiian tradition that says if the hibiscus flower is worn behind the left ear, the woman is in a relationship. If the flower is worn on the right, it tells you that she is single. The symbolic power of hibiscus spans across cultures and continents: hibiscus is the national symbol of Haiti, the symbol of Hindu goddess Kali in India and the national flower of Malaysia and South Korea.

Though hibiscus is much more than a beautiful flower: when turned into a steaming hot (or refreshing cool) tea, the flower unfolds its true beauty. Hibiscus tea is particularly popular in Northern Africa, where the flower is traditionally brewed and enjoyed as a deep red, refreshing tea.

Hibiscus tea yields numerous health benefits. Besides, it is a perfect caffeine- and sugar-free brew. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, works as a powerful antioxidant and can furthermore improve digestion, promote circulation and blood flow as well as lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. But, hibiscus tea is not only incredibly healthy but also tastes good! It has a mild sweetness to it and a slight hint of bitterness. It is one of these drinks that has a special zing to it. You could call it “heaven in a cup”.. try and see yourself.

Hibiscus is a medicinal plant and contains a wealth of valuable ingredients. Particularly vitamin C and antioxidant secondary metabolites such as anthocyanins and flavonoids are abundantly present. Drinking hibiscus tea boosts your immune system and counteracts dangerous oxidative stress in your body – making you age more slowly and less prone to diseases.

Drinking tea in summer can be a surprisingly refreshing thing, most importantly a cooling yet calorie-neutral alternative. Hibiscus tea is an ideal choice, since it not only tastes good but also stimulates your metabolism and detoxifies your body. Taking a tea brake also gives you the chance to take a few moments to yourself and return to your workplace refreshed and recharged. Ready, steep, breathe….

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