Quinoa: „The mother of all grains“

Published : 05/11/2018

Quinoa: „The mother of all grains“

Quinoa, also referred to as an “ancient grain”, because it has remained largely unchanged for hundreds, even thousands of years, is gaining increasing popularity in the western food culture. And in the light of today’s dramatic increase in allergies and food intolerances, most often concerning lactose and gluten, its rising fame as a wheat-free alternative is unsurprising.

Though quinoa is way more than a “glutenfree” alternative. It is probably one of the most healthy plant-based “complete” protein sources out there. “Complete”, because quinoa contains all nine essential amino-acids that our body needs to uptake from food. What has been known to the Incas as “the mother of all grains”, first cultivated over 5000 years ago high up in the Andes, has now arrived into Europe’s superfood boom. Its western fame is due to the fact that quinoa is not a grain, but a “pseudo-cereal”, of a non-grassy origin. It is therefore botanically related to spinach and red beet and does not contain the much-feared gluten protein, contained especially in wheat and responsible for a high share of today’s digestive problems. On addition, quinoa provides a wealth of other health-benefitting nutrients. It contains way more calcium than wheat, supplies almost double the amount of iron, 50% more vitamin E as well as a staggering 70% more magnesium. Due to its excellent bioavailability, our body is able to profit from all its amazing nutrients. Also, quinoa is particularly rich in tryptophan and lysine. Tryptophan is the famous amino acid that our brain needs in order to produce the “happy hormone” serotonin. While lysine has been associated with cancer-preventing properties, because on the one hand it repairs damaged connective tissue and on the other hand prevents its break-down, often triggered by the enzymes of cancerous cells. Having enough lysine in your body may therefore inhibit the free and uncontrolled spread of cancer cells.

On top of everything, quinoa is an alkaline food. It therefore works to restore your acid-alkaline balance.

There a plenty of ways to include quinoa into your every-day diet: either as a morning müsli or porridge base, an empowering lunch salad or a heart-warming night dish – quinoa is all you need.

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