Sunflower seeds: much more than bird food!

Published : 02/02/2018

Sunflower seeds: much more than bird food!

Superfoods are not about their shiny colour or their impressive look, but about the incredible abundance of good-for-you ingredients assembled in a uniquely small space. One example is the seemingly tiny sunflower seed that carries such a wealth of important nutrients that it should really be incorporated into your every-day menu plan.

Chronic inflammatory diseases are on the rise and can be considered as a consequence of yearlong inadequate diets that more and more people succumb to. Now let’s remember that about 80% of our immune system sits in our stomach – this fact alone points towards the significance of our diet and its link to our consequent health. Here, a sufficient supply of micronutrients can play a vital role in working to inhibit inflammations in our body. Especially magnesium has come to be recognized as a leading anti-inflammatory mineral agent, a deficiency of which may enhance the development of chronic inflammatory diseases. Sunflower seeds are particularly rich in magnesium containing about 420 mg in 100g, which is why they can serve as an ideal dietary source of this important micronutrient.

In addition, sunflower seeds distinguish themselves by their high share of folic acid - 100g carry as much as 100 micrograms of this essential B-vitamin. Folic acid plays an important role in our bodies growth processes, cell division and blood formation. Sunflower seeds thus work as a perfect go-to food supplement for pregnant and lactating women, who have increased requirements for folic acid.

Moreover, sunflower seeds are rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

By incorporating sunflower seeds into our every-day foods, such as our EAT bar “Sunny Apricot” or in our EAT fitness bread-baking mix, we ensure your daily requirements are met and taken care of! If as a snack or as bread, every bite impacts!

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