The Pumpkin

Published : 10/24/2018

The Pumpkin

Strawberry, Raspberry, Pumpkin, Blueberry… wait! Isn´t there something wrong? Not at all! The pumpkin indeed belongs to the genus berry and therefore even is the largest berry in the world. Would you have known that?

Most of the time, we think of pumpkins during fall when it comes to carving terrifying grimaces on Halloween. But creepy faces are by far not all a pumpkin can do!

Pumpkins provide us with vitamins, minerals and saturating fibres. Our giant berry even is an all-rounder within the medicinal plants. It is used for bladder weakness, prostate disorder, for gastrointestinal illness as well as for heart and kidney disease. The healing effect of the pumpkin is scientifically proven. You can not only make soup from our versatile fall veggie. Pumpkin flesh can easily be turned into cake, bread, spreads and soufflé. You have to try our paleo pumpkin pancakes!!

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