Time for Strawberries

Published : 06/07/2018

Time for Strawberries

No fruit embodies the freshness and lushness of summer as good as the strawberry. Colour, shape and taste make her one of the most desirable fruits that mother earth produces. Though they are much more than a beautifully heart-shaped summer’s treat. Moreover, an antioxidant powerhouse with astounding medicinal values that are more and more recognized and researched by the scientific community.

Strawberries consist of about 90% water and can thus contribute during the hot summer months to regulating our bodies water level (see article from the 1st of June “What to eat to master summer”). They are a popular desert fruit, but only contain 32 kcal per 100 grams and are thus, despite their sweet taste, poor in calories. Per 100 grams fresh fruit, strawberries contain 1 g of protein, 0,4 g of fat, 6 g of carbohydrate and 2 g of fibre. Strawberries glycaemic index (GI) lies at 1,3 and therefore hardly affects our blood sugar level. In contrast, white bread has a GI of 40 and a chocolate bar one of 35.

Strawberries contain a wealth of valuable vitamins and minerals. Next to the B vitamins as well as vitamin C, they provide copper, iron, manganese and magnesium. The basis of most scientific studies is their particularly high profile of secondary plant metabolites, especially polyphenols. Those phytochemicals make strawberries very efficient at combating oxidative stress in our body – the basis of most inflammatory diseases, coronary heart problems as well as cancer. It has been shown that the share of anthocyanins, secondary plant metabolites that are responsible for the bright red colour of the fruit, lies between 8,5 and 66 milligrams. The proportion increases as the fruit matures. In parallel, studies have confirmed that the consumption of strawberries positively affects our body’s antioxidant level – measured by the antioxidant capacity of the glutathione level. Glutathione is one of the most potent antioxidants in our body and is thus often used as a guideline.

Also, when it comes to fighting hunger, strawberries can be of help: studies show that they increase our hormonal level of adiponectin – a hormone, which is responsible for regulating our appetite.

Strawberries are therefore not only a decadent treat, but moreover come along with amazing health benefits – reason enough to dig in and enjoy this season’s most abundant fruit.

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