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The goal of eat Performance is to introduce to our customers a healthy lifestyle and innovative products. As Paleo-pioneers in the European market, we offer a wide variety of Paleo products and a conscious lifestyle..

Whether you`re passionate food blogger, informative sport magazines, thrilling event organizers, lovely affiliate partners or enthusiastic organic distributors, eat Performance offers various possibilities of how you can be an active part of the Paleo-motion:

You are an active food bloggers or Paleo-Fan? You want to test our products and report about it.

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You love our eat products and want to become a partner of ours? Then recommend our products and receive a commission with every order.

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You are interested to take up our products in your online store and offer to your customers?

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You feel like an exceptional catering or you are planning an event which you can completely impress your guests?

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Lydia Alles

Mrs. Alles can!

You are interested in the distribution of our eat products? You prefer to make business over the phone? Then Lydia Alles is your contact person. She is responsible for sales and partner management. Just call by (+49) 0 176 80 1414 99 or email her at