Paleo is a diet that suits basically everyone’s needs and goals. However, the word diet might be misleading, especially in German: it is not about a temporary weight-loss program but more an attitude towards food and nutrition, a way of eating. A Paleo diet provides our bodies with valuable minerals and nutrients as well as plenty energy. Thus, it is particularly valuable and useful for athletes. No matter which sport or physical activity you perform, Paleo can suit your needs and increase your performance.

In general Paleo is good for everyone

The energy intake obviously needs to be adapted to one’s personal needs and requirements. If the physical activity is low the calorie intake should be reduced. In that case, meals containing many vegetables and protein from meat, fish and eggs are ideal. If the physical activity is high, on the other hand, a higher energy demand needs to be satisfied. Therefore, protein and energy-rich foods such as chicken, salmon, tuna and nuts are perfect foods to supplement meals or consume in between. Nuts for instance support our bodies’ demand for polyunsaturated fats.

There are no obstacles for combining Paleo and sports – they ideally complement each other. A combination of both helps to reach the goals of weight loss, muscle gain and the enhancement of one’s physical and mental performance. However, it is also helpful to not focus too much on counting calories but to listen to your body and its needs. And don’t worry: every now and then you can easily add foods that are not 100% Paleo to complement your diet and give your body what it needs at any time