Paleo bears many benefits for your body, health and wellbeing. Primarily, this can be ascribed to the natural and organic foods it consists of. The avoidance of additives, preservatives and artificial colours helps to keep our bodies clean. Preferably unpacked, regional and seasonal foods are consumed in their most natural form. An active Paleo lifestyle is also likely to comprise sufficient movement, exercising and enough sleep.

The benefits of Paleo have not only been proven by active Paleo lovers and athletes, but do also increasingly catch the attention of physicians, biochemists, nutritionist, and other researchers who come around the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle. People who adopt Paleo are reporting significant improvements in their general health, energy levels and body composition

1. Paleo is abundant in antioxidants, omega-3-fats, protein, vitamins and unsaturated fats. It excludes empty calories, which cause attacks of ravenous hunger.

2. People who eat Paleo often show increased energy levels and feel generally fitter and more healthy.

3. Better sleep and the tendency to fall asleep faster and more easily

4. Paleo is not a typical diet, with which you need to count calories or have to particularly care about the size of your portions, it is more of an attitude towards life and your body.

5. You can eat like a champ and not have to be afraid to try new recipes or experience new foods – with an open mind, you’ll easily discover the variety and tastiness of natural and unprocessed, healthy foods.

In today’s globalised world with an ever-growing offer of available foods (including new creations by the food industry), it is particularly important to be aware of the origin of the products we consume. An unconscious diet and any ingredients and additives, combined with a widespread lack of knowledge about these within our society support the spread of problems such as autoimmunisation and diseases like diabetes, asthma and thyroid diseases. Changing your diet towards Paleo can ease some of those symptoms and even go as far as curing certain diseases and problems. Many people also experience weight loss by eliminating high calorie foods from their nutrition and substituting them by healthy, nutrient-rich foods. The intake of good carbohydrates and healthy fats further leads to an increased fat burning. Moreover, the high protein intake enhances the regeneration and build-up of our muscles. Many people seem to think that eating Paleo means going super low-carb and limiting yourself to only a few foods, mainly meat and fish. But that is just not true. If eating Paleo, you do not really limited yourself – you can enjoy a variety of yummy meals and can let your creativity run free.

In general, our bodies react quickly to changes. If you have certain aims and wishes, be it an increased physical or mental performance, weight loss or simply a healthier diet, Paleo is an ideal solution you should definitely try! Convince yourself and become a healthier and happier person while eating like a champ!