Superfood Bread with Chia

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Good can be so easy. Make your own gluten free Paleo bread at home. Homemade. Fresh. We only use high quality organic ingredients without grain, additives or other shit. The nutritious bread will be the perfect allrounder on your dining table since it`s delicious with either a sweet or hearty spread. The dough is prepared super fast and that`s why making your own Paleo bread is so easy.

Ingredients: Almond flour, linseed flour, walnuts, chia-seeds, psyllium, pumpkin seeds, linseeds yellow,linseeds brown, baking powder, sea salt, passion

Important: The baked bread should be eaten within 3-4 days. Please store in dry and cooling space. The weight of the baked bread is ca. 400g.

Instructions: Baking instructions can be found here.

100g of this paleo product contain: 458,2 kcal / 1917 kJ

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